Tucked Trunks Review — Shirt Stay Underwear

Since our products launch we have had a tremendous amount of feedback from our clients and we wanted to put together this compilation of Tucked Trunks reviews. The reason we are also putting them on medium is because for whatever reason, most people miss the product review section of our website and we want to make sure that everyone is aware of what customers are saying about our product! The good , the bad and the ugly… Without further-ado, let’s jump into the reviews for Tucked Trunks!

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Received my Tucked Trunks today and I gotta say, the concept is kind of genius actually. There is no doubt in my mind they will hold a dress shirt tucked in nicely, which of course is their reason for existence. My concern is more with the comfort of the trunks…they are heavier than I expected (almost like wearing 2 pairs- one pair over another) and I am guessing come the heat of summer it will be a little too much to wear these things in comfort. Other than that, the material feels nice and soft (cotton/spandex) and they fit snug but not too tight. I cannot speak to long-term durability but they seem to be decently constructed. I am looking forward to wearing these with my dress shirts and not worrying about any re-tucking.

Thank you very much for your feedback! They should feel fine in the summer as well, we are always working to improve our product so in the future we are planning to develop several new models with different fabrics and see how they hold up. For now, these are the best way for comfort and durability which we didn’t’ want to compromise. Thanks for keeping your shirt tucked in with Tucked Trunks!

- Tucked Trunks


3 Pack purchased. Thanks for this great product you guys.


I was skeptical at first BUT 3 pairs later you guys are legit!! GREAT PRODUCT!!


I wore mine for the first time this weekend, and it was perfect!


I bought my first one a week ago and wore it all day at work and i’m always getting up from my desk every ten minutes and it’s so amazing. Kept my shirt tucked in ALL DAY! Thanks Tucked Trunks!!


I bought them one month ago. They are my favorite briefs! They amazingly keep the shirt inside and they are so comfortable to wear!


This Tucked Trunks are so amazing made my professional life so much easier.


We are so happy to hear you love your Tucked Trunks! We are glad to make your life easier!

- Tucked Trunks


I bought one for myself and its actually work like they show in the ads.


Just got my first pair and I have to say it certainly works! For those worrying about taking a piss, it literally takes two seconds to undo the button… lol


Dear All, I’ve got my Tucked Trunks and it is an amazing thing. Thanks!


Got them loved how the felt, pretty neat idea honestly. Sometimes I actually wear the trunks without tucking my shirt in, it’s like having an extra pair of briefs. I would recommend them to friends. Thank you.

Thank you for your kind words. We are glad you love your trunks.

- Tucked Trunks


Have a few things to keep my shirt tucked in but I do have to admit, the trunks are just really easy . Thanks


They feel great!!!!


Love my new pair!! Easy, and comfortable to use. I am very happy with them! Thank you.


I bought a pair, really happy with what I payed. Extremely comfotable, great job!!


Every part of the garment is just better than anything else I have seen on the market. Superb.


Got my two pairs and I love them. Comfortable , simple and really does the job. Very happy, game changer!


Great customer service really helped me with my concerns with sizing. Very responsive. Other than that I really love the boxer briefs, they fit nice, feel nice and makes my shirt stay tucked easier than some other things I have tried in the past. Best of luck!


Was skeptical at first but ordered a pair anyway, loved them. Most important thing I loved about them was how easy they were to use… I used to tuck my shirt into my underwear but it wasn’t holding it at all. This right here has just changed everything! great job ! Many thanks!

Older Reviews:

“ Hi Rafael, excellent product. Very comfortable and I look very good. I am ordering another 4 pack for a friend in the USA. Thank you very much. A Hug from Chile. “ Miguel C. Chile 7/12/17

“Just got my 3 pairs today. Love how easy it is to use. I guess you guys were right, I have to wear boxer briefs might as well have one that does both. I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks guys! — Shawn S. Buffalo, NY 4–10–17

“ Hey guys, Thanks for the Trunks. I work in the investment banking field and I admit I have tried other things but honestly what I really loved about your product is that it TRULY is convenient . I have a really busy schedule and these come in really handy each morning. Much luck to you guys, fantastic product overall. I’m very happy I found them. — Christopher P. New York, NY 4–9–17

“Dear Tucked Trunks, I want to say thank you for such an amazing product. I have to say , at first I wasn’t really sure how I would feel wearing them but now that I have worn my trunks, I absolutely love them. In fact, I can’t imagine wearing my suits without them. I keep wondering where this product has been hiding all these years but i’m so happy I ran into them now. Thanks again for such great service , speedy delivery and an awesome product. — Jason H. 4–8–17

“I got mine in the mail and absolutely love that they are boxer briefs. Just grab them every morning it’s really great! Thanks guys!” — Emerson, New York 1/3/17

“They worked exactly as described. I put them to the test right away doing things I normally do that would make my shirt come un-tucked and the trunks keep my shirt tucked in and looking neat.” — Andres, USA 3/11/17

“I own two pairs. They work soooo well!! I want more!” — Jay P, USA 1/5/17

“I have several different things to help keep my shirt tucked, but this by far is my favorite. The simplicity of it makes it my new favorite. The quality of the material is also phenomenal.” — Anthony C, USA 1/15/17

“Just received my first trunks and I absolutely LOVE them. Thank You!! I will definitely buy more of them!” — Eyal 2/12/17

“ I got my first 2 pairs and they work amazing! I don’t have to keep re-tucking my shirt in anymore during the day. Thanks.” — D. Max 3/29/17

“Got my two pairs and I love them. Comfortable , simple and really does the job. Very happy, game changer!” — Christopher I. , USA 2/15/17

“Yes, it was very easy and great!” Jhonny P. New York 3/11/17

“Very Very easy to use. Love the fact that it’s a boxer brief. All in one no need for other gadgets and the fabric is awesome as well!” Kemal 3/29/17

“Love it. Just put them on as I would my regular briefs and it’s nice to know that it has the extra feature of keeping my shirt tucked in. Thanks guys! Great product!” Eduardo — Brazil 3/26/17

“Does what it says. Makes it easy to tuck my shirt and keep it tucked. Nice Concept, saves me time throughout the day of re-tucking shirt.” Paul B. New York 3/11/17

“Truly a game changing product. Love the fact that it’s a boxer brief. Genius.” Sean — New Jersey 3/2/17

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