5 Ways to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

If you have ever worn a business suit & a dress shirt you’ve probably encountered this problem before: your shirt coming untucked. Don’t you hate that? I hate that as well. We take so much time choosing our favorite suit and our favorite shirt to get ready for our day and when we think we are ready to go, out comes our dress shirts before we even the house for the day.

Over the years there have been a lot of techniques and hacks to keep a dress shirt tucked in, some work and some… not so much. I have compiled a list of the Top 5 ways to keep your shirt tucked in below.

This list will be in order from the newest product / innovation to some of the older methods and/or products. Feel free to drop me a message if you have a new suggestion or product and would like to be mentioned.

1. Tucked Trunks Boxer Briefs

Tucked Trunks
Tucked Trunks

What are Tucked Trunks Boxer Briefs?

Tucked Trunks boxer briefs are newest innovation in the men’s market that keeps your shirt tucked in. Simply put it’s a boxer brief that will keep your shirt tucked in without the use of any other gadgets!

How does it work?

Tucked Trunks is a boxer brief so it’s pretty self explanatory. You simply grab your Tucked Trunks as you would grab any other boxer brief, tuck your shirt into the inner waistband, button your last button to the security button hold and you’re ready to go!

Where to buy? www.tuckedtrunks.com

2. Magnetuck

What is Magnetuck?

Magnetuck is essentially 2 magnetic “tucks” that attach one on the inside of your dress shirt and the other on the outside part of your shirt. After you button your pants Magnetuck will essentially hold onto your shit and keep your shirt tucked in.

How does it work?

Each pack comes with 2 magnets which you attach to your shirt in your desired position below your waistline. You put one on the inside and the other on the outside directly in front of the other creating a magnetic bond and holding them together in place.

Where to buy: Link

3. Shirt Keeper — Ultimate Belt

What is the Ultimate Belt Shirt Keeper?

The Ultimate Belt Shirt Keeper is essentially a belt that keeps your shirt tucked in your pants. It is lightweight and has Velcro on each side.

How does it work?

The Ultimate Belt works similar to how a traditional belt works except it goes over your dress shirt and not on your slacks. You put your shirt on then place the Ultimate Belt over your shirt and pull both ends to secure the belt in place.

Where to buy: Link

4. Hidden Tailor

What is Hidden Tailor?

The “Hidden Tailor” belt is somewhat similar to the belt above in that it goes around your shirt the same way.

How does it work?

The Hidden Tailor works in a similar way to how the “Shirt Keeper” belt above works. You grab the belt and put it over your shirt similar to how you would put on a regular belt and the rubber grips/fingers are supposed to grip onto your shirt and also your slacks/pants at the same time keeping your shirt tucked.

Where to buy: Link

5. Good Old Shirt Stays

What are Shirt Stays?

Shirt Stays are probably the oldest products in the market right now. Shirt stays were initially invented in the 18th century and have been around for a very long time as you can see, they are still around today.

How do they work?

Shirt Stays can be a little tricky to use. Reason being is you need to clip them to the lower parts of your shirt tails in the front and rear. This can be very time consuming if you’re in a rush to catch the train and/or running late for a hot date. Might want to leave them “hooked” the night before just to be on the safe side.

Where to buy: Link

6. Tukz Underwear

What are Tukz?


Tukz are pretty much underwear for men that are basically similar to Tucked Trunks but they have the shirt stay clasps integrated to them. They are both for men and women similar to Tucked Trunks.

How Do They Work?

Simple. You just put them on like you would any regular underwear. Then attach the “shirt stay” part of the straps that are on the sides and back to the tail ends of your shirt, and boom, there you have it!

Where to buy: Link


So in conclusion, there are several different ways that you can keep your shirt tucked in. The only thing that will help you make your decision is how convenient you want the process to be. Go over the list again and give a few of the items a try and then you will see which one fits your lifestyle better. For more tips and other methods on how to keep your shirt tucked in, you can check out this blog post as well.

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Keep your shirt tucked in with www.tuckedtrunks.com

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